Why Sons of Anarchy Spinoff Mayans MC Was Canceled (2024)

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Alongside that of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Fargo, the hit FX drama, Sons of Anarchy, has often been considered to be one of the network's most defining series. The show was rightfully critically praised for its storytelling and the development of its characters, but those are also the reasons why it became such a hit with TV viewers. Its popularity became so big that, even though the show ended with Season 7, it seemed that even its creators weren't ready to let it go entirely, as the spin-off series, Mayans M.C. was picked up almost two years later. The show revolved around a new set of protagonists from the titular Mayans Motor Club and had very little to do with SAMCRO. Despite its new focus, however, the show initially still captured the same spirit as the original show and kept in touch with many of the same themes.

Even though it wasn't as highly regarded as Sons of Anarchy was, the show was still quite a big hit for FX. So why exactly did the show come to an end with a much shorter run of only five seasons? As it turns out, there's perhaps more than one factor that contributed to the show's cancelation. From a much-publicized falling out that occurred behind the scenes to even the most dedicated Sons of Anarchy fans deciding to jump ship, Mayans M.C. certainly suffered from plenty of setbacks that kept it from reaching its true potential toward the latter half of its initial run.

What Was the Story of Mayans M.C.

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Every Season of Mayans M.C.

Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score

Season 1


Season 2


Season 3


Season 4


Season 5


Taking place around two and a half years after the events of Sons of Anarchy's series finale, Mayans M.C. follows the titular all-Hispanic motor club (which had also appeared throughout the previous series). In this post-Jax Teller world, a new protagonist is introduced in the form of Ezekiel "EZ" Reyes. EZ's once-promising future was stripped away after accidentally killing a cop while in pursuit of the man who had murdered his mother. Receiving an early release from prison, he's recruited as an informant for the DEA and infiltrates the Mayans by becoming a prospect for the club. As he begins to carve out his new outlaw identity and grows closer to the club, however, his conscience becomes further and further corrupted.

Much like Jax, EZ's journey throughout the show is one of Shakespearean tragedy, losing himself in his need for vengeance. While the show introduces several new characters, a few familiar faces from Sons of Anarchy also showed up in multiple episodes in both recurring and guest-starring appearances. While the show seemed to off to a strong start in its first two seasons, garnering high enough ratings and praise from both critics and longtime fans of the previous show, a certain turn of events would undoubtedly alter the course of the rest of the series.

Kurt Sutter Was Fired as Co-Showrunner After Season 1

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Best Episodes of Mayans M.C.

IMDb Rating

"Hunahpu", Season 2, Episode 10


"Kukulkan", Season 2, Episode 8


"Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write" Season 3, Episode 10


Fans of Sons of Anarchy know that the show would not have been what it was without the direction and influence of its creator, Kurt Sutter. Even though he may not have written or directed every episode, having a talented crew of other creatives to back him up, the show was still very much his baby and he had the final say on almost every creative decision. When it came to Mayans M.C., fans were ecstatic to learn that he would be returning as one of its showrunners, along with co-creator, Elgin James. Unfortunately, however, Season 2 would be the last time he would have any involvement in the expansion of the world he originally created. In 2019, it was announced that FX had fired Sutter from his position on the series and that the direction for the series would be placed entirely in the hands of James going forward.

Sutter's firing came at a time when FX was under a transitional period of new management after 20th Century Fox had been bought out by Disney. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network had received "multiple complaints" over Sutter's "abrasive" and "professional" behavior. Despite losing his showrunning position, seeing how he was still one of the show's co-creators, the network still allowed him to retain his executive producer credit throughout the remainder of the series. While it's not exactly an ideal situation, changing showrunners or losing one isn't always a bad thing. After Season 3 of Better Call Saul, for example, Vince Gilligan handed off sole show running duties over to his co-writer and co-producer, Peter Gould, but the show still managed to maintain the same level of quality it had since Season 1.

Although for many fans, this did not appear to be the case for Mayans M.C. By the time Season 3 rolled around, James had tried to keep in touch with the vision that Sutter and he had mapped out together. In an interview with Variety, James discussed how Season 3's more direct ties to Sons of Anarchy were "always Kurt's idea", and that "He knew that he wanted to create this bridge" between the two shows. But with the gradual yet significant drop in ratings, as well as the drop in the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes indicate, it soon became apparent that leaving only one member of the established duo to helm the series was not working in its favor.

Having Mayans M.C. End With Season 5 Was a Decision Made by the Network

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  • All episodes of both Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C. are now available to be streamed on Hulu.

As the show's ratings had begun to fall more significantly with each episode of Season 4, it didn't seem to the network that the show was worth keeping around much longer. In 2023, FX did announce that Mayans M.C. would receive a fifth season while confirming that it would also be its last. While no reason was offered regarding its cancelation, it seemed that the network still had enough respect and appreciation for the series to have it end naturally rather than suddenly. Seeing how Sutter was the one who established the world that Mayans M.C. takes place in with Sons of Anarchy, perhaps it's no surprise that the quality of the show began to dip in the eyes of the viewers following his departure. Despite Sutter and James having already planned out how the story of Mayans M.C. would end, the number of seasons that would make up its run was out of their hands.

In the previously mentioned Variety interview, James had alleged that while he already knew how the show would end, the number of seasons it would take to get there was entirely up to FX. "They know where this ends," he said, "but we’ll see if it’s Season 5 or Season 15.” Despite the best efforts James to keep in touch with the vision he shared with his former co-showrunner, Sutter was an integral part of maintaining the consistency of the Sons of Anarchy world; and even the network seemed aware of it by ending the spin-off as soon as they did. With Sutter having a new western series for Netflix on the horizon, fans of his work are hoping that it will be the comeback that he deserves. Should FX ever choose to revisit the motor club world of Sons of Anarchy in the future, hopefully, it'll be understood that it just wouldn't be the same without him.

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Why Sons of Anarchy Spinoff Mayans MC Was Canceled (2024)


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