Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (2024)

Whether you're planning on renovating, remodelling, or simply reconfiguring your existing kitchen space, these are the need-to-know kitchen trends 2023 to inspire your design journey.

We demand a lot from our kitchens, because now more than ever, they are the most functional space within our homes – providing a place to cook, eat, work, rest, and entertain. All the latest kitchen trends cater to providing the best design solutions to maximize the key demands of this versatile space in style.

We speak to leading kitchen designers to find out the latest must-haves for the heart of our homes, from welcoming homely accessories creating a lived-in look to sophisticated metallic touches and calming colour palettes inspired by the latest interior paint colour trends in 2023 – there's something to delight every home on this summers design wishlist.

Kitchen trends 2023: 17 inspirational ideas

“With the kitchen often labeled as the heart of the home, we tend to see a lot of personalization and upgrades added to this part of the house," says Jo Winston, sales and marketing director at St. Modwen Homes.

"Homebuyers love making their kitchen space unique, adapting to both their interior taste and their day-to-day needs. With the New Year just around the corner, we are already seeing trends emerging in our customer's kitchen design choices, and it’s clear that 2023 is set to be a year of unexpected color, precious metals, and natural countertops."

Here are the predicted kitchen designs and ideas set to be hugely popular with homeowners this year...

1. Social kitchen islands

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (1)

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Kitchen islands are one of the interior design features that can help sell your house, considered a worthwhile investment for any kitchen - so they are always on trend. But for 2023 kitchen islands are evolving to become even more of a point of focus, as they become more socially focused.

Kitchen island design next year will be tailored to incorporate more seating, to ensure the space is completely inclusive, whether cooking, entertaining or just relaxing with the family.

"Whatever its size or style, the kitchen island, as its name suggests, is a centralized feature," explains luxury kitchen designer Tom Howley. "It’s in a handy position that allows you to utilize every inch of space. By centralizing cooking or preparation areas, it makes the kitchen much more sociable, allowing the chef to talk to others as they get dinner ready instead of standing with their back to family and friends."

2. Natural timber tones

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (2)

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

One of the key kitchen trends in 2023 is that of welcoming natural timber tones.

“We are seeing such a demand for timber in the kitchen, especially oak options," explains Melissa Klink, creative director at Harvey Jones. "Creating interesting colour stories for the kitchen using a play on the material instead of paint selection."

"Pulling out the blues, greens, and pinks from within marbles, granites, and other worktop surfaces is a perfect way to balance out the warmth from the wood whilst it still gives a dynamic impact without needing to paint with colour.” Choosing a neutral wall colour would suffice to let the timber tones of the cabinetry and butcher's block take centre stage.

3. Mixed metallics

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (3)

(Image credit: Chris Snook for The Main Company)

From handles to splashback ideas and more, metallic finishings are going to be the most sought-after material of 2023. “We’re noticing a shift with consumers looking to incorporate mixed metals into their kitchen designs," explains Alex Main, director of The Main Company.

"Metals in similar tones offer a cohesive style, such as copper and gold which pair perfectly due to their warm undertones, or cooler metals like nickel and chrome which sit well against lighter colours and modern kitchen designs. Using too much of the same metal can look one-dimensional, so ensure the finish you choose suits its placement in the kitchen.”

"Shiny chrome is proving to be less popular, with some designs favouring matte black to be somewhat more unassuming," says the interior designer at Optiplan Kitchens, Andy Briggs. "However, more muted choices of metal are taking off in popularity in kitchens in 2023. Materials such as pewter, copper, and brushed brass create a much more natural effect."

"Choosing a more toned-down option for your ‘kitchen jewellery’ can really switch up the aesthetic of your kitchen and give much more character than ever before." Similar to that of Metallics updating key bathroom trends in 2023 too.

"We anticipate that gold, copper, and brass are set to be favoured in 2023, adding small, sophisticated touches that make a huge overall difference," remarks Jo Winston. "Consider brass cabinet handles, copper taps, and gold-toned accessories such as kettles and storage to incorporate these understated additions into your space effortlessly."

4. Natural material countertops

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (4)

(Image credit: Chris Snook for The Main Company)

Considered materials are all important for organised kitchen countertops of the future. “Natural stone is a timeless choice for many homeowners, with Ceasarstone quartz and marble worktops remaining firm favourites in 2023," reveals Alex.

"Renowned for its quality finish and incredible versatility, natural stone works across both traditional and modern kitchens alike. From countertops to splashbacks, there is a huge array of options out there to suit any style of kitchen.”

“Marble is still in high demand, we suspect this trend will stay for a while," says Melissa. "It feels so timeless and classic in its finished appearance. Stunningly beautiful and full of character and charm, you can make such an impactful statement applying marble in the right way, or even as a hidden moment within a pantry larder or breakfast dresser.”

5. Japandi kitchen designs

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (5)

(Image credit: Caesarstone)

With Japandi living room, Japandi bedroom, and Japandi bathroom designs becoming increasingly popular over the last 12 months it's no surprise that this calming scheme has made its way to the hub of every home – the Japandi-style kitchen.

A fusion of understated Japanese aesthetics with the comfort of Scandinavian style, the Japandi kitchen trend is ideal for creating a serene and timeless feel in any kitchen.

“Incorporating organic textures and earthy tones into the kitchen is a wonderful way of creating a cosy and calming environment in the home," says Mor Krisher, head of design at Caesarstone. "Bringing a touch of the outside in through raw materials and nature-inspired designs promises to instantly uplift a kitchen and connect us to our surroundings.

"Choosing a worktop that incorporates these earthy tones and textures will instantly create a cosy environment that links you with the natural world. A neutral surface will also give you flexibility when choosing accessories if you’re someone who likes to update your kitchen with the seasons.”

An abundance of house plants is key to mastering the Japandi style, in any room. "Now is the perfect time to lean on your old friends, the house plants," says Camilla Clarke, creative director at Albion Nord. "Shake things up by re-locating them so rooms in your home gain a new lease of life. Plants increase levels of oxygen and nice smelling flowers, of which both can help boost your mood and productivity levels."

6. Modern cellars

(Image credit: Fisher & Paykel | Shannon McGrath)

Wine cellars no longer mean an underground cavernous space filled with dusty bottles of vintage wines, in fact, the modern-day cellar is anything but. Homeowners are seeking more inclusive ways to dedicate space to storing their fine wines for entertaining friends at home.

“The wine cellar has long been a point of conversation for discerning collectors – a showpiece of the home to be shared with friends and other connoisseurs alike,” says Fisher & Paykel’smarket product manager, Jo Jackson. “The best wine storage turns your collection into a beautiful design feature in its own right. Modern wine cabinets are thoughtfully engineered to ensure that your wine is perfectly cared for.”

Jo shares key considerations when installing a wine cabinet, saying: "Modern kitchens are also often designed as very light, open spaces with skylights or bi-fold doors and hard stone floors with under-floor heating. These kitchens are stunning and become the centerpiece of people’s homes but they do add a level of complexity when you’re looking to install a wine cabinet, as both the light and heat can affect the storage of wine."

"UV light can create hydrogen sulfide compounds in wine, which affect the tannins and the color of wine, but if you source a good appliance with UV tempered glass and dimmed LED lighting you can protect against this."

7. Lived-in homely touches

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (7)

(Image credit: Chris Snook for Wild Escapes | The Main Company | Future)

Kitchens are reclaiming the lived-in, homely look. Because as the busiest and most functional space in the house, a level of show home perfection is hard to live up to at all times. That's not to say we no longer want beautifully organised kitchens, it just means there's room for a little more reality and comfort to be visible to make homes feel cosy and lived in.

“As we reflect on the past few years, comfort is now more than ever at the forefront of people’s minds," says Alex. "As a result, kitchens are evolving to include nostalgic detailing and homely touches. We’ve seen a rise in requests for bookcases displaying personal possessions and traditional large farmhouse sinks with quality sink skirts, which give kitchens so much personality and warmth.”

"For 2023 there's a noticeable shift away from the sparkling show home style that we have seen in recent years," says Andy. "Coming out of a few years of staying at home more, homeowners are acknowledging the practicality and functionality of their kitchens and aren’t afraid to have them reflect that in their presentation."

"The kitchen functions as the heart of the home and it should be built accordingly. The kitchen should accommodate the whole family with enough comfortable and cosy seating to congregate and relax. Many homeowners are also considering pets and their needs, building in feeding and water stations for furry friends – ensuring the heart of the home is perfect for all members of the family."

“Incorporating additional pieces beyond the main furniture of the space is a fun way to add personality to a kitchen," suggests Melissa. "Antiques, family heirlooms, and unique vintage items are all becoming really popular to intermix with the standard cabinetry pieces."

8. Warming drawers

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (8)

(Image credit: Future)

Another design element proving popular, due to the amount we entertain at home, is warming drawers."Eating and entertaining at home is a macro trend that strengthened throughout the pandemic," explains Jo Jackson, "but this is a 10-15-year-old movement that is continuing and our increased time in the home has only sped it up as people were more comfortable in smaller groupings.

"Cost increases are also flowing through to restaurants, which will put some people off eating out as much as they used to and instead drive their investments to the home." For all these reasons, kitchen designers are seeing increases in design details that add to the ease of entertaining at home, such as warming drawers where food is kept to the optimum temperature while you busily prep and serve elsewhere.

A warming drawer can be used in several ways, from a dedicated space to help bread dough rise perfectly, to keep dishes and mugs warm until serving, and some can even be used as a slow cooker or to preserve food to create a healthy winter snack.

9. Pleasingly practical pantries ​

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (9)

(Image credit: Future)

The trend for well-organised pantries is going nowhere for 2023; it's the kitchen feature that almost every household desires.

“Walk-in and hidden pantries are a big trend for us at the moment," explains Melissa. "We are cleaning down the cabinetry on the wall and opting for storage that is tucked away around the corner. Plus, that wow moment, when you open what looks like a cupboard door to expose a whole secret room behind just never, gets old. A crowd-pleaser for sure!”

10. Comforting textures

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (10)

(Image credit: Schüller | InHouse Inspired Room Design)

Textures are key in design right now, tantalizingly tactile surfaces and materials are dominating our homes as we crave a sense of comfort. And yet our kitchens are often composed of straight lines and flat colors. All that is set to change for 2023 in kitchen design as we look to satisfy our subconscious desires to explore through touch.

"The right use of texture can create the most spectacular kitchens and living spaces. And with the latest innovations in marble and wood effects, textured surfaces can be achieved at a far more affordable cost," says Wayne Dance, at InHouse Inspired Room Design. "Layering textures and tones creates dynamic spaces. Marry together the right combinations and you'll find yourself enjoying a huge dose of satisfaction every day."

11. Soft modern design

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (11)

(Image credit: Bakes & Kropp)

Contemporary kitchen designs often run the risk of feeling too clinical, and as a result, are not always suited to a more lived-in home. But fear not because Bob Bakes and Paul Kropp, co-founders, of luxury kitchen designers Bakes & Kropp have developed a 'softer' approach to the modern aesthetic.

"As a studio, we have seen a continually growing demand for modern kitchen design," Bob explains. "There is, however, a gap in the market for a tempered design that offsets the cold, impersonal feeling that deters homeowners from taking the plunge. In response, we’ve refined what we are dubbing 'soft modern' kitchen design – an approach that layers warm elements to soften that feeling."

"This has evolved directly from client needs and continues to grow in popularity as certain homeowners look for sharper designs. In our soft modern kitchens, contrast is key. We might choose to use a very high-gloss finish for the cabinetry and offset it with a matte wood finish for open shelving or accent panels."

12. Mixed materials

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (12)

(Image credit: Symphony Group)

Kitchens of 2023 no longer feel restrictive, where surfaces have to match throughout to be considered a cohesive space. Sometimes a different coloured countertop can do wonders to make a cramped kitchen layout feel more open. A row of contrasting cabinets might just be the best small kitchen colour idea to create an illusion of extra space.

"Mixing materials is an easily achievable trend and it’s a style that appeals to those who favour a more eclectic look," says Josie Medved, design expert at kitchen manufacturer Symphony Group. "Choosing contrasting materials and colours for cabinets, worksurfaces, flooring, wall tiles, and splashback ideas creates a laid-back, relaxed feel that’s ideal for open-plan kitchens.

"It’s also ideal for those on a budget, who prefer to add to their interior design as they go rather than buying everything all at once. The result is less of a matchy-matchy vibe and more of a casual feel, ideal for 2023."

13. Darker tones

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (13)

(Image credit: Symphony Group)

As we're seeing in the latest flooring trends 2023 the demand for darker finishes is growing increasingly popular, a move away from the huge uptake for Scandi bleached woods and lime-washed finishes for stone. Richness in natural materials is returning to our homes in a big way for 2023.

"There is a clear demand for dark and dramatic kitchen designs with a natural twist," explains Josie. "Whether that’s a deep-toned wood effect cabinet or organic stone – homeowners are looking towards these finishes more and more."

"It’s a trend that takes last year’s embracing of natural materials one step further and it works just as well in modern interiors as it does classic schemes. This makes it a versatile look that complements all kinds of properties and sleek handleless cabinets as well as integrated handles and statement knobs and pulls."

14. Kitchen jewelry

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (14)

(Image credit: LochAnna Kitchens | Sheraton Interiors)

The term kitchen jewellery thanks to the rising interest in how to make kitchens look expensive on a budget has led to a trend for exploring the finer details when it comes to transforming kitchen designs.

"With lighter home updates set to take precedent over heavier refurbishments for many this year, homeowners are looking for simple ways of refreshing their kitchens without breaking the bank," Paul Jenkinson, founder and managing director of kitchen brand LochAnna Kitchens.

"Hardware has been a huge topic of conversation, with trends around handle style, material, and a mixture of the two spicing things up. Think mixed metals, copper splashbacks, and coloured brassware to add various points of interest and a feel of elegance and luxe."

15. Elements of concrete

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (15)

(Image credit: Caesarstone)

Industrial kitchens have never really gone out of fashion however, for summer 2023 the main element to take away from the overarching industrial trend is that of concrete. Beautifully organic and raw, concrete is the latestkitchenmaterial to make a big impression on the design world.

Stylish and durable, concrete-inspired designs add wonderful depth and welcome an organic, calming atmosphere to anykitchen – ideal for incorporating the 'quiet luxury' trend into the kitchen.

“As thetrendsfor industrial designs and authentic, raw materials show no signs of slowing down, concrete-inspired designs continue to be some of the most innovative and daring of all worktops," says Mor Krisher, Head of Design atCaesarstone.

"Matt textures such as the more industrial concrete finishes are appearing more and more. These surfaces are perfect for adding depth and texture to plain walls or modern and sleek cabinetry.”

16. Bloomcore influences

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (16)

(Image credit: Future)

There's a micro trend popping up that sees botanical influences and floral prints being used more liberally within kitchen designs.

The term 'Bloom kitchen' has amassed a whopping 42.9 million views on TikTok and 'Bloomcore' has 2.5m - so it would appear kitchens are where the focus is at for beautiful blooms. From leaf plates to floral wallpaper or flower print kitchen accessories this trend is an easy one to follow as much or as little as you like.

Whether it's a colour palette of pinks and greens inspired by the delights of a cottage garden idea or more expression interpretations of dirty floral print wallpaper and even tiles - flowers are starting to take centre stage in our kitchens once again.

17. Transformative islands

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (17)

(Image credit: Smile Kitchens)

This year sees kitchen islands being hailed as the hero of any layout, to transform the space without too much upheaval. A well-placed kitchen island can even be the answer to improving small kitchen storage ideas – there's a solution for all spaces.

“An island maximizes storage and seating options, particularly if wall space is limited. When designing your island, it’s crucial to consider both its internal and external dimensions," says Tom Howley.

Adding akitchenisland is so much more than enhancing the aesthetic, the placement of an island can quickly calm a chaotic family hub by transforming it into an organized, welcoming space that comfortably accommodates your busy routines.

Tom adds: "Various aspects of yourkitchendesign, such as banquette seating,kitchenstools, or a bespoke table, can influence your island’s shape. You can customize your island with flexible storage solutions, bookshelves, power sockets, deep-pan drawers, and integrated bins, catering to all the demands of modern family living.”

8 Key kitchen color trends for 2023

In addition to the latest layouts, must-have integrated appliances, and countertop materials there are also influential paint color ideas for kitchens that designers are predicting to be the most popular for the year ahead and beyond.

Timeless white

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (18)

(Image credit: Future)

You could easily be forgiven for thinking white was no longer an on-trend color choice, because of the fondness for darker shades of blues, grey, and even black taking the spotlight. But like the best white paint colors, white kitchens will always be a wise choice.

“Timeless white kitchens will be big in 2023," predicts Tom. "We have seen such a shift in how we want our homes to look, feel, and function over the past three years. This is inevitable because of just how much time we’ve spent in them, having transitioned from the bustle of commuting to an office into a work-from-home lifestyle. We need our homes to feel that much roomier, lighter, and brighter. "

"White kitchens do this perfectly, offering an energizing, transformative aesthetic to any space and mastering the art of illusion, making smaller rooms feel bigger.”

Grounding earthy tones

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (19)

(Image credit: Optiplan Kitchens)

As we've seen from the latest interior paint color trends 2023 the color palette for next year is a heady mix of earth-derived tones that welcome a sense of calm.

"In 2023, we are going to see an influx of calming tones and colors rooted in the natural world," explains Andy. "People’s lives are so stressful and busy, that coming home and into your kitchen should evoke a sense of calm and belonging.

"Using sandy, earthy tones, complemented by similar deeper natural tones such as terracotta and deep greens (creating the vision of a roaming countryside), you can create a kitchen that is homely and serene for you to enjoy and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Natural and eco-friendly materials are increasing in popularity, with wood being a big focus of kitchens going forward."

Milan Design Week featured a lot of kitchens that showcased mixing materials such as glass, stone, and woods of different tones, creating an earthy and back-to-nature design to help promote calm in your home.

Dusky pink

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (20)

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

Unlike the Barbiecore fashion trend, next year's kitchen hue is a sophisticated pink paint color that exudes warmth and character.

"Our brave new paint color Pink Dusk is an elegant, more playful alternative to grey it creates incredible warmth and an alluring appeal to any kitchen," reveals Tom. "Pink may divide opinion; however, over the past few years, this versatile shade has boomed in popularity."

"Pink Dusk is not like your usual bubblegum pink, It’s incredibly soft, charming, and moody. You can use this color across a full kitchen design or pair it back with complementary tones opting for a pink island.”

Shades of soft green

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (21)

(Image credit: Smile Kitchens)

Soothing shades of green are still a firm favorite for kitchen color choices for 2023, supported by the "Throughout 2022, we have seen the reintroduction of greens to our kitchens," says Dawn. "With many looking to replicate the sage green tones that have become popular across homes over recent years, our Eden, an earthy sage green, has seen a huge boost. We’ve also found many looking for deep, dark greens."

"Some combine these greens with each other to have a monochromatic kitchen that is a real standout," Dawn explains. "With wall cabinets in a lighter green, creating a feeling of a larger space than with darker cabinetry alone."

We can envision Dulux Colour of the Year 2023 working beautifully as the kitchen cabinet paint color paired with a darker green on the walls to celebrate this trend.

Coastal sky blue

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (22)

(Image credit: Smile Kitchens)

Coastal charm is fast becoming a dominating trend for interiors in 2023, perhaps it's the feeling of escapism – with endless blue skies and seascapes conjuring up the image of sunnier destinations.

"Inspired by homes in the Hamptons, we’ve seen a huge surge in customers looking for light blue kitchens," Dawn reveals. "New England style is a balance of light blues with whites and off-whites to create a coastal feeling in thehome that feels light and airy."

"We’ve particularly seen an uplift in customers looking for kitchens in our Sky, a light sky blue tone, and Spring, a deeper light blue that has undertones of green," says Dawn, "perfect for a statement island, excellently pairing with white. Frequently this look is accompanied by wicker, bamboo, and warm wooden furniture to give touches of warmth to a space."

Daring reds

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (23)

(Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

Inspired by the encouragement to use Pantone's Color of the year 2023 in our homes there's a resurgence for using daring shades of red, especially when looking to paint kitchen cabinets.

"Over the past few years there has been an increase in color being used in the kitchen, with bolder colors such as greens and blues having been on trend recently, " explains Ben Burbidge, managing director, of Kitchen Makers.

"This year, the trend is even more adventurous, with braver colors such as Pinks and Reds becoming increasingly popular. To bring a more adventurous palette to your own kitchen, make pink the new neutral, pairing it with a punchy red island for a kitchen that stands out from the crowd."

Bold red kitchen cabinets are best paired with light counters and walls to keep the look fresh and modern, rather than dating the overall scheme with dark wooden worktops.

Dark forest green

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (24)

(Image credit: Symphony Group)

In contrast to softer green, there's still a huge demand for more brooding shades such as hues of forest green that welcome added depth to a kitchen color scheme. These darker shades still hold a connection with nature but with a more statement approach to using key color trends within the design.

"Dark green cabinetry is a trend that became instantly popular in 2022 and it looks set to last, as many homeowners continue to bring the outside in with their color schemes and material choice," explains Josie.

"Shaker-style painted door styles are perfect for shades of dark green. Their in-frame timber frontals highlight the natural beauty of this on-trend shade.'

"Dark green is the perfect palette for contrasting brushed metal hardware such as cabinet handles, sockets, switches, and lighting as well as a statement tap and standout sink. It also works beautifully with a reclaimed timber or stone floor."

Dramatic black

Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (25)

(Image credit: Caesarstone)

As we touched on earlier the key trend for kitchen materials in 2023 is to air on the dark side. As a result, black kitchens are becoming more popular, with stone countertops and cabinets taking on an elegantly dark finish.

"We predict that we will be seeing a lot darker and in particular, black kitchens in 2023," says Paul. "Used to evoke the feeling of drama and luxury, dark kitchens aid in an ultra-sleek and modern feel."

“Dark colors are a rising trend in interior design," agrees Mor. "Dark colors are bold and dramatic. They can have within them so many different nuances, tones, and tactilities that give them different characters. They can be basic or sophisticated, daring or elegant, industrial or classic, traditional or modern."

What are the splashback trends for 2023?

"Often overlooked, the splashback is a prime opportunity to bring a sense of personality to the space," says Dawn Filkins, head of creative, Smile Kitchens. "Splashbacks are a versatile design element that provides an excellent opportunity to play with a pop of colour, continue the colour palette of the space or even introduce an element of zoning."

The most popular splashback trends for 2023 include:

  • Terrazzo: Terrazzo as a design has long been favored as the economical method of making use of an assortment of marble chips, glass, and resin fragments. This striking artisan look has been gaining a resurgence in popularity for 2023 for use on splashbacks to introduce subtle patterns and texture to any kitchen color scheme.
  • Fluting: "Fluting and reeding is an excellent way to elevate practical areas of the kitchen that are often overlooked," says Charlie. "Reeded quartz behind the sink is an excellent example, adding a fashionable flourish while remaining practical. Quartz is highly durable (avoiding scratches and chips) and non-porous so doesn't require sealing. It's also highly resistant to staining, making it a low-maintenance option."
  • Tiling: "Using tiles as a kitchen splashback is an exquisite way of displaying and accentuating their pattern, texture, and glaze," says Diane Hyde, marketing manager at Craven Dunnill. Highly reflective gloss tiles are also a great way to create a sense of space and openness. Whether you’re looking to go bold and dramatic or simple and classic, tiles come in a whole range of styles and designs to suit all types of homes.”
  • Solid laminates: When looking for a highly practical yet visually pleasing splashback finish you can't go far wrong with a solid laminate option. "Laminate splashbacks are an excellent budget-friendly option to transform a kitchen or utility space quickly and easily without the time and effort of tiling," says Dawn. Available in a variety of different finishes and colors there's a perfect fit for all kitchens.
Kitchen Trends 2023: key design ideas and on-trend colours to inspire (2024)


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