How to Design a Clothing Brand Logo (2024)

A logo is the first thing potential customers will see when they visit your store, either online or in the real world. Learn how to design a clothing brand logo.

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ByEnvato|Updated December 7, 2020

How to Design a Clothing Brand Logo (3)How to Design a Clothing Brand Logo (4)How to Design a Clothing Brand Logo (5)

If you’re setting up a clothing business, you’ll know there are a million and one things to think about. But making sure you have a strong logo that represents and defines your clothing brand should be right at the top of your list as it’s the first thing potential customers will see when they visit your store, either online or in the real world.

Read on forclothing brand logotips and trends, as well as info about some of the ways you can design them for yourself, even if you don’t have any experience.

Clothing Brand Logo Trends

Just like the rest of the fashion world, clothing brand logo trends change from season to season, and from year to year. Here are three clothing brand logo trends that are making waves in 2019:

01. Simplification

This has been around for a while, but it shows no signs of fading. Some suggest this trend took off because more people than ever consume content via their smartphones, and simple logos can look more visually appealing on smaller screens. Just look atLevi’s current logo, for example: it’s a world away from the original logo, which featured detailed illustrations of men and horses.

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02. Experimental Typography​

Adding personality to your fashion brand logos by mixing up your typography is also seeing a surge in popularity.Zara recently caused a stirby updating their logo from one in which there was ample space between the letters, to an overlapping font. Although the move garnered a fair amount of criticism, it shows that big retailers aren’t afraid to play around with their typography in theirretail logos.

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03. Bright Colors

Color says a huge amount about your brand, and 2019 sees many daring to be bold with their logo design. Red, for example, suggests that your brand is high energy, and yellow is often considered a nod towards innovation.Dickies were way ahead of thistrend with their eye-catching logo.

Logo Design Considerations​

01. Make it Adaptable

Even if you’re primarily thinking about setting up a physical store, you will still need to create a fashion logo design that will work just as well across your website, social media channels and any advertising materials.Nike has one of the most iconic sports clothing logosand is a great example of responsive design; the logo changes based on its location, without losing consistency.

02. Make it Clear

We are consuming more content than ever before, and with our attention spansdropping by a thirdin the last 19 years, to just eight seconds, you need to make sure that people can quickly and easily process your logo, at a glance. This could explain the movement away from serif fonts, for example, asdemonstrated by Burberry: the serif font has been removed to make the logo more streamlined.

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03. Don’t Underestimate Color

When making decisions about your company’s clothing logo ideas, think about the personality you want to portray. TakeUniqlo, for example, which opts for a bold red.

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How to Make a Clothing Brand Logo

Luckily, these days there are many different tools at your fingertips that make it easy to build a top quality fashion logo, even if you don’t have any design experience.PlaceitandEnvato ElementsorEnvato Marketare all great options.

You can scroll through more than 23,000 templates, which you can customize with your own text, color scheme and other assets, before downloading directly to your desktop.Placeitis quick and super simple to master so you can create a clothing logo in minutes. Watch this video to see how it works for yourself:

Envato Elements Logo Templates

This apparel logo maker works in the same way as Envato Market, but if you have a subscription you can download as many templates as you like at no extra cost.Envato Elementsis a good choice if you’re looking to create multiple clothing line logos, either for your business or for your clients.

Now you know the options for creating cool clothing logo ideas, we hope you have fun designing a logo that will really bring your business to life.

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How to Design a Clothing Brand Logo (2024)


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